Metal Free Fillings

Have you seen bacteria growing under your silver fillings?

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The reality is many of us have seen silver fillings, either in our own mouths or another’s.

We do not agree with the placement of silver fillings, and we are committed to providing a safe way to remove them
— Dr. Nicole Lambert, D.D.S

Common unknown facts about silver fillings:

Silver fillings are called Amalgam Restorations.
Amalgam means a mixture or blend.
Amalgam restorations are a mixture or blend of metal alloys.
Mercury is the liquid metal that holds the mixture together.
They contain approximately 50% mercury.
They emit mercury vapors constantly, and at higher rates during brushing and chewing them.
They do not stick or bond to teeth, instead they are wedged in teeth in a way so they do not fall out.
As metals leak out of the mixture, holes or gaps form for bacteria to leak in under them.
When you remove a silver filling you can see bacteria growing under them.

Few people want bacteria infecting deeper into their teeth. We can help with that.