Cavity Reversal

Have you ever thought about the bacteria on your teeth?

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Your teeth are like little sponges. When they are made they are dry and tightly packed sponges. Nothing can get in them. There are no holes., and they can be cleaned easily. They are full of minerals and calcium, strong and resistant to attack from bacteria.

Then as you age, from either genetics or your diet, your teeth become like wet sponges, soaking up bacteria.
— Dr. Nicole Lambert, D.D.S

The reality is most of us have these very weak or porous teeth, that easily get infected because bacteria hide in these tiny holes and crevices. Toothbrush can’t get them all out.  Mouth rinses can’t wash them all away. And Floss just doesn’t pull them all out.

If you’ve had a filling, a crown, a root canal, an implant, any dental work really, you’ve dealt with bacteria soaking into your teeth and the consequences of such.

What if there was a way to stop that cycle? What if there was a way to turn your teeth back into dry tightly packed sponges? Our cavity reversal treatment does just this.