The Cost of Dental Treatment

Up to 90% of what patients pay goes toward the expense of running a modern dental practice.

The expense to run a modern dental practice is significant because dental care is a complex and complicated treatment that requires:

  • Trained and licensed doctors of dental surgery to perform treatments

  • Trained and licensed dental hygienists

  • Trained and licensed lab technicians 

  • Technology, machines, and 3D Printers that help make teeth and implants for the doctors

  • Specialized equipment such as dental chairs that can suction and drill teeth

  • Specialized lights, lasers, microscopes to help the doctor perform their treatments

  • Practice spaces that require rents and mortgages

  • A team of staff to support the doctor in being able to perform treatments

  • Administrative requirements such as insurances and taxes.

The major differentiating factor amongst dental practices is the ARTISTIC ability of the dentist running the practice.

What differentiates Lambert & Co. from other dental practices is not just a commitment to the highest quality or product and service, but also a commitment to perfection.  

Great dentists are artists.

Great dentists are creators, builders, leaders.

Dr. Nicole Lambert, D.D.S

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