Bite Alignment

Have you given up on your teeth staying in the right spot?

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Did you know that our teeth are constantly slowly moving as we age? Teeth are supposed to come into your jaws straight and aligned.

Genetics or environment throws a curve ball at this design, and as a result, most of us have a tooth or teeth in the wrong spot.
— Dr. Nicole Lambert, D.D.S

We find that teeth like moving out of stressful positions.  So they are moving out of their right spots because we grind or clench, or because our wisdom teeth push them.  

This is a slow process to losing your teeth.

We put energy and effort in to moving teeth back into their proper spot because we are in business to save your teeth. We focus on ways to get your smile back to a state of natural beauty.

We will get each of your teeth back into their natural positions, so that you can keep them longer.